Restaurant review: ‘Liath has gone from not having its own loo to winning two Michelin stars – now it just needs more than 14 seats’


Our critic enjoys the tasting menu and is excited for the future of this fine-dining gem

Liath in Blackrock. Picture: Owen Breslin

I feel I’ve been writing a version of the same review of Liath ever since the early days of its forerunner, Heron & Grey. Liath’s story is one of grit, determination, obsession and no small amount of hard work; a modest little restaurant in a market in Blackrock that didn’t even have its own loo, driven by people who had the ambition to dream big and the talent to land a Michelin star. Heron & Grey evolved into Liath, which had a makeover, retained the star, completed another upgrade, and earned another star. Somewhere along the way, it got a loo of its own.

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