Our nightmare neighbours harassed us for years to build them a new fence – but we got the last laugh


A WOMAN has got the last laugh after claiming her neighbours harassed her into building a new garden fence.

Tayla claimed that the people next door had hurled racial abuse at her and slammed them as “evil”.

TikToker Tayla slammed her neighbours in a fence row


TikToker Tayla slammed her neighbours in a fence rowCredit: taylataylatayla12

In a TikTok clip giving her side of the story, she said: “So I bought this house six years ago next to the most insane people.

“This is their fence that was already there when I moved in and they take it down in little spots about once a month so I can’t let my dogs out.”

She alleged that the neighbours told her she had to build a new fence on her property so they could take theirs down, but that they made disgraceful remarks to her in the process.

In the video’s caption she added: “They are racist, evil people.

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“They have called me every name in the book including ‘[insert racial slur] lover’.”

Social media commenters were quick to take her side and recommend ways of getting back at the neighbours.

One wrote: “Build your fence 5in away from the survey line.

“They can’t touch your fence if it’s inside your property.”

Another added: “Put up a new fence and then paint the side facing them a crazy bright pink lol because it’s yours they can’t touch it but look at it all day.”

In the end, though, Tayla went for a similar approach, which she documented in another video.

Instead of a crazy colour, she hung a selection of flags on the new fence which displayed her progressive attitude.

One bore slogans including “black lives matter” and “women’s rights are human rights”, while she also placed a pride flag on the structure.

A third banner read “hate has no home here” in rainbow-coloured writing and featured small pictures of flags including the American flag, pride flag and trans flag.

She captioned this clip: “Horrible, hateful neighbours harassing you for years?

“Trying to bully you into building them a new fence?

“Build it in on your property and decorate accordingly.”

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It comes after one man said his life was being ruined by a nightmare neighbour running a brothel from her home, even blaming it for the breakdown of his last relationship.

Meanwhile, a couple built an 8ft privacy fence amid a row with their “Karen neighbour”, who they claim peered into their garden.

She responded by putting up a series of flags showing her progressive views


She responded by putting up a series of flags showing her progressive viewsCredit: taylataylatayla12

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