Daniel Khalife prison escape updates — Alleged terrorist ‘suspected of spying for Iran’ as cops hunt Wandsworth inmate


Justice Secretary gives timeline of events

Speaking in the Commons today, Justice Secretary Alex Chalk gave a timeline of yesterday’s events.

He said: “At approximately 7.30 yesterday morning, a vehicle which had made a delivery to the prison’s kitchen left HMP Wandsworth.

“Shortly afterwards, local contingency plans for an unaccounted prisoner were activated and in line with standard procedure the police were informed.

“The prison was put into a state of lockdown while staff attempted to determine Daniel Khalife’s whereabouts.

“The vehicle was stopped and searched by police after the alert was raised. Strapping was found underneath the vehicle which appeared to indicate that Daniel Khalife may have held onto the underside of it in order to escape.

“The search is under way. His Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service are giving every assistance to the Metropolitan Police’s operation to recapture Daniel Khalife and return him to custody.

“As has been made clear by the Metropolitan Police, there is no reason to believe he poses a threat to the wider public.”

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