Celebrity MasterChef 2023 LIVE — Fans slam judges as Mica and James make it to quarter-final & Dani serves up a raw dish


Are judges John and Gregg really friends?

Gregg and John get on but tend to keep things professional.

They both appeared on The One Show on in April, chatting about the new series of MasterChef.

Emma Willis, who was presenting with Ronan Keating, said: “It’s incredible, 19 series [of the show] and still so many people are coming on.”

Gregg then said: “And people still ask if we are really mates, ‘Do you really get on because we heard you don’t get on?

“It’s been nearly 20 years and I knew him 10 years before this, so we’ve known each other 30 years.”

John added: “We’ve done 10 years not 19 series, so we are up to nearly 40 series, then you put professional on top of that and juniors, 19 years on TV, we feel lucky.”

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