Disability Rights Advocate Joshua Basile Calls for Increased Accessibility From Business Websites, Recognizing ADA's 33rd Anniversary


While the Americans with Disabilities Act has protected rights of those with disabilities for the past 33 years, a disability rights attorney whose personal life has been directly impacted by the legislation continues to address situations of noncompliance and offers suggestions as to how the legal industry can help create a more inclusive internet.

The act, which was signed into law July 26, 1990, changed many aspects of life for Americans with disabilities. As technology has advanced, new holes in accessibility have appeared. Joshua Basile, a trial lawyer at the malpractice law firm Jack H. Olender & Associates in Washington, D.C., a disabilities rights advocate who has physical disabilities himself, and community relations manager for accessiBe, said there are ongoing challenges for those with disabilities that deserve attention, issues that did not even exist when the act was first signed into law.

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