New Bratislava theatre season ad spurs hate, protest, petition for head's dismissal


7. Sep 2023 at 18:53  I 

Theatre head considers criminal complaints.

At the end of August, the Bratislava-based P.O. Hviezdoslav Theatre (DPOH) unveiled a new advertising campaign and visuals for the new theatre season.

The motif of both involves stained glass window depicting young people walking and holding Ukrainian, anti-fascist and rainbow flags, as well as a person holding a bust of Slovak poet P. O. Hviezdoslav. Bratislava Castle sits atop a hill in background, while in front are two people sitting at a table and one on the ground with a notebook in their lap.

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Article continues after video advertisement


According to theatre director Valeria Schulczová, the campaign and visuals were intended to initiate a critical debate. The person holding the bust is a reference to William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, for example.

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