Mijas bans using drinking water in golf courses to battle the drought 


MIJAS Town Hall has forbidden the use of drinking water in golf courses to tackle the current drought. 

The local government has announced a series of measures to reduce the use of drinking water to combat the drought that ‘continues to seriously affect the Costa del Sol.’ 

The institution aims to reduce the consumption of drinking water by 10% to guarantee the water supply for its residents. 

In a statement, the council has confirmed the drinking water ban for the irrigation of golf courses. 

Andalucia is the region in Spain with more golf courses, with a total of 109, more than twice as many as Castilla Leon, which ranks second. 

It has been reported that these over 100 golf courses consume as much water as 1,000,000 people. 

Meanwhile, Andalucia is suffering the worst drought for 30 years, with Junta Environment minister Ramon Fernandez describing the situation as ‘dramatic.’ 

Reservoirs in the region are at 23.52% of their capacity, meaning they have over 5% less water than at the same period last year and 50% less than 10 years ago. 

In addition, Mijas council has further banned the use of drinking water for the filling of private swimming pools, car washing outside authorised establishments, ornamental fountains without a closed water circuit, showers and public fountains and for any other non-essential use.

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