Heavily pregnant woman claims she was kicked off EasyJet flight from Belfast to Ibiza over row with staff along with every other passenger after they started chanting for AIR HOSTESS to be kicked off


BUDGET airline EasyJet has been accused of overreacting after throwing all of its passengers off an Ibiza bound flight after a heavily pregnant woman got into an argument with a cabin crew member.

The incident happened on August 19 at Belfast Airport with traveller Siobhan Foster taking to social media to accuse the carrier of unfairly singling her out when she asked a question related to the overhead lockers.

Ms.Foster said she was travelling with her husband James and her disabled daughter Florence to her brother’s wedding in Ibiza.

“We were at the first seats as we paid for extra leg room as I’m seven months pregnant,” she said.

“This particular flight attendant had such a grumpy look on her face which everyone was saying about. James sat down with Florence and I asked her was there any more space in the overhead lockers, her reply was a sharp ‘Clearly Not’ so I asked could you help me find somewhere else?”

“Her reply was you need to find somewhere yourself even though there literally was nowhere, so I said: Can you please help me, I’m heavily pregnant and my husband has our daughter?”

Ms.Foster claims that the crew member told her: “You’re being abusive and its not my job to help you.”

Another attendant joined in the discussion and its alleged that she accused her of being abusive which Ms.Foster denied, saying that ‘the whole plane can vouch for me’.

She and her family were escorted off the plane by police but they caught another Ibiza-bound flight the following morning from Dublin.

Her long statement on Facebook alleges that the rest of the passengers backed her up and chanted for the ‘offending’ cabin crew member to be thrown off the plane, resulting in all of them being taken off.

With the exception of the Foster family, everybody was eventually allowed to reboard the plane.

An EasyJet spokesman said: ‘We can confirm that flight EZY3003 from Belfast to Ibiza on August 19 was attended by police before departure due to a group of passengers behaving disruptively at check in and then onboard.”

‘Whilst such incidents are rare we take them very seriously and do not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour towards our crew or other passengers.”

“The safety and well-being of our passengers, crew and ground agents is always EasyJet’s priority.

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