Prince Harry says the late Queen 'is looking down on us all, happy we're together' as he returns to the UK for the first time in months to attend WellChild awards on eve of first anniversary of her death: Duke says wife Meghan is 'upset she can't be here'

[ad_1] Prince Harry says the late Queen is ‘looking down on us all’ and is ‘happy we’re together’ as he returned to the UK for the first time in three months to attend an annual charity awards ceremony on the eve of the first anniversary of her death. The Duke of Sussex arrived in Britain … Read more

Legal challenge lodged over controversial Northern Ireland legacy legislation

[ad_1] A legal challenge is being taken against the UK government’s controversial proposed legislation aimed at dealing with Northern Ireland’s past. The Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill includes a form of limited immunity for some perpetrators of crimes committed during the conflict and would also prevent future civil cases and inquests into Troubles … Read more

The Left Wing: The return of Johnny Sexton, the XV to face Romania, and the security entourage for the Ireland team

[ad_1] Captain Jonathan Sexton, right, and head coach Andy Farrell during an Ireland rugby media conference at the Mercure Hotel in Bordeaux, France. Photo by Brendan Moran/Sportsfile Rúaidhrí O’Connor and Cian Tracey joined Sinéad Kissane at the Ireland team hotel in Bordeaux to discuss the starting team that head coach Andy Farrell has named for … Read more

Celebrities Who Prove That Diet Culture Is Still Alive Today

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Ukraine war: At least 17 people killed in market attack

[ad_1] The Ukrainian authorities have said that a devastating Russian strike on a town close to the front lines in eastern Ukraine has killed at least 17 people and left dozens injured. Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment of the strike in Kostyantynivka, which destroyed a local market, shops and a pharmacy, according to President … Read more

Royal Family news latest — Prince Harry to speak at WellChild Awards 2023 on visit to UK without Meghan Markle

[ad_1] Meghan Markle’s ‘thinly veiled threats’ made days before Queen’s death Days before the late Queen’s tragic passing, Meghan Markle made “thinly veiled threats” towards the Royal Family, according to an expert. In an interview with the Cut, the duchess said: “It’s interesting, I’ve never had to sign anything that restricts me from talking. “I … Read more