Popular cafe cited for 11 infractions by city health inspectors


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A popular Toronto bakery cafe was put on notice for nearly a dozen violations.

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Surreal Food Co., located at 973 Eglinton Ave. W., received 11 infractions on Tuesday – one crucial, five significant, four minor ones and one in the “other” category – according to Toronto Public Health.

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As for its significant violations, the infraction details said that the cafe was given a notice to comply over the use of utensils “not of readily cleanable form” and for sanitizing utensils in a solution of less than 100 parts per million of available chlorine. It also failed to provide hand-washing stations with adequate supplies (hot and cold water), failed to protect against the harbouring of pests and failed to supply a thermometer in refrigeration equipment.


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Surreal’s four minor infractions, the city said, all pertained to its food-handling room, including the ceiling and floors not maintained “in good repair,” while the food premise was not maintained with clean floors. The room also contained equipment that wasn’t regularly used.

Its one “other” infraction, according to public health, was its failure to ensure a food handler or supervisor was on the premises during all hours of operation.

A detailed list of infractions at Toronto restaurants can be found on DineSafe.

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