Police warn of taxi scam that steals PIN numbers from unsuspecting victims


Toronto police are warning the public about an ongoing taxi scam.

Investigators say a vehicle that resembles a taxi is parked in a high-traffic area with one person posing as the driver and the second person pretending to be a customer.

The fake driver refuses to accept the fake customer’s cash or they claim they can’t pay their fare because their debit or credit card is not working.

The unsuspecting victim then offers to pay using their debit or credit card in exchange for the cash.

The victim then enters their PIN number into a modified point of sale terminal, giving the suspect possession of the card data. The victim is then given another bank card that resembles their own before leaving the scene.

“The Toronto Police Service would like to remind the public to be vigilant when using any type of public transport that results in debit or credit card transactions,” investigators said in a statement.

Police are encouraging anyone who believes they may have been a victim of this scam or has any additional information to contact them.

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